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help give use feedback, improve your strategies, and have your idea incorportated into future builds.

BETA Features

With Scout Pro you can organize your league, team, and players in convient location.

Get layouts for tournaments that you can keep track you own stats on

With our app and web backend you can access what you need right now from the app while doing some organizational stuff from the website.

  • Home Screen

    5.5% 13.5' 35 IBU 热带风格 苦度适中平衡 清爽

  • Scout New Match

    5.5% 13.5' 35 IBU 热带风格 苦度适中平衡 清爽

  • Scout Screen

    5% 13' 15 IBU 特种酵母 香蕉 陈皮 柔润口感

  • Review Scout: Point Review

    6.3% 18' 50 IBU 松香和鲜花香气 西柚 适中的苦度

  • Review Scout: Stats List

    6.2% 18' 26 IBU 巧克力 咖啡 稍甜

what you get

  • - stay up-to-date with whats happening on the app
  • - get access to the beta build of "Scout Pro"
  • - first dibs on usernames and "OG Killer" badge
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